Features of Raya Gostar

The superior quality of this company’s products is defined in six main rules

The best ingredients

One of the reasons for the high quality of Rayagaster products is the selection of the best raw materials by the experienced staff of the collection

Good work environment

The friendly and sincere working environment in the form of strategic goals has led the experienced working team of Raya Gostar to great success

A lot of effort and risk taking

Continuous effort along with high risk taking in this collection has created success and improvement of work quality

Planning and focus

Good business requires proper planning, and Raya gostar has built a successful business with the strong planning of its experienced team.

Quality Control

Raya gostar's priority is customer satisfaction through product quality control

Purpose and attitude

No business will achieve a desired result without having a goal, and Raya Gostar has taken a step towards success by considering specific goals and a specific attitude.

All parts produced in Raya gostar factory are made from the best raw materials




قالبهای دقیق و استانداردThe size and standard of the production parts are exactly equal to the standard of the desired car

واحد کنترل کیفیتAll production parts can be checked and tracked in the quality control unit

ضمانت نامه و گارانتیAll parts have a hologram of product authenticity and a digital warranty

گواهینامه هاIt has ISO 9000 and BUREA VERITAS approved by UKAS.

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